Jade Buddha Temple

The Chengyuan Jade Buddha Temple is wholly constructed out of Korean pine strictly according to the traditional method of construction, completely with wood mortise and tenon joints and without the use of a single nail, and gold foil is used in all of its gilt carved beams and rafters. The Jade Buddha enshrined in the main hall of the Jade Buddha Temple is currently the world's largest hemo jade Buddha (hemo jade having been named the national jade of China). Taiwanese Buddhist master, Master Haitao, and Master Miaoxiang of the Temple of Great Mercy amongst other eminent monks attended the opening ceremony of the Jade Buddha Temple. On that day, a full-circle rainbow, known as 'Buddha's light' was visible in the southwest, and the image of Bodhisattva sitting on a lotus flower could be seen in the bottles of mineral water the believers were carrying in their hands. The auspicious 'Buddha's light' was also visible on Vesak Day.