Chengyuan hot spring water

The water of Chengyuan Villa comes from ancient 735 million year old hot spring water from 3,337 meters underground,and is of a high-temperature hot spring suitable for human health care and bathing,Chengyuan hot spring has a daily volume of 1600 tons, containing various trace elements and minerals needed by the human body such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, strontium, zinc, selenium and metasilicate etc, of which the strontium content has reached the standard required on medical concentration and mineral water designation concentration, namely the strontium content of Chengyuan hot spring has the medical care value which can be named as “Chengyuan-strontium water”.According to statistics from the Liaoning province office of land and resources, Chengyuan Villa is the first enterprise engaged in hot spring industry to possess a hot spring water mining permit in the Dalian four Districts. The water used in the villa Spa Paradise,outdoor hot springs,guestroom shower and bath and swimming pool are all obtained from the ancient deep hot springs.There are 59 hot spring pools in spa paradise, including 7 hot spring swimming pools and 52 hot spring bath pools (containing 1 hot spring bubble pool, 11 outdoor hot spring bath pools, 9 aromatic SPA hot spring bath pools, 8 ginseng health-preserving SPA hot spring bath pools, and the rest are all various hot spring bath pools).