Sports and Leisure

Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa provides you the following sports leisure project services:

· Internet bar: Spa Paradise First House second floor, there is a free internet bar to visitors.

· Gymnasium: Spa Paradise First House second floor, there is a free gymnasium to visitors.

· Billiard parlor: Spa Paradise First House pavilion second floor, there is a free billiard parlor to visitors.

· Chess and card room:

·  Hot Spring hotel seven floor is equipped with four chess and card rooms of automatic mahjong machine.

·  Spa Paradise First House second floor, there are six chess and card rooms.

· Massage room

·  Spa Paradise Second House underground first floor, there are fourteen massage rooms.

·  Spa Paradise First House I pavilion underground first floor, there are eight massage rooms.

·  Tennis court: It is on the roof of the international conference room and covers over 700 square meters.

·  Athletic field: It is on the west side of hot spring hotel and covers an area of over 2, 000 square meters, basketball and badminton courts

· Promenade

·  Spa Paradise Second House outdoor hot spring is equipped with lake promenade.

·  Villa is equipped with tree-lined promenade.

·  Garden square: It covers over 10, 000 square meters and it is divided into ladder type three layer, with several different patterns wood pavilion, it's a good place to talk and rest.

Hot spring swimming pool:

·Spa Paradise First House is equipped with three hot spring swimming pools, wherein one standard swimming pool, one spa and hydrotherapy swimming pool, one children's spa facilities swimming pool.

·Spa Paradise Second House is equipped with four hot spring swimming pools, wherein one international standard swimming pool, swimming beginners practice swimming pool, one spa swimming pool, children's swimming pool.

Hot spring bubble ponds:

·Spa Paradise First House is equipped with four hot spring bubble ponds.

·Spa Paradise Second House is equipped with forty-five hot spring bubble ponds. It is divided into bubble bath,  aroma bath, ginseng bath, outdoor bath, high-temperature pool, medium temperature pool, protoplasm pool, filter pool and other hot spring ponds.

·The Third House of Spa Paradise of Spa paradise is equipped with three stacking hot spring bath pools.

Theme Recreation Leisure Pools :

·4 theme recreation leisure pools: including large wave pool, large marine kiosk, children's play kiosk, and colorful contest slides. The wave-making at regular intervals in the large wave pool can produce eight kinds of waves; large marine kiosk is provided with 11 opened and closed slides, inverted bucket, skip bucket, water gun, and other swimming facilities; children's play kiosk features 5 slides with single path, dual path, etc. as well as the small turning barrel, climbing nets, water wheels and other poolside facilities; high-speed diving colorful contest slides fully offer the thrill of sports fun).

Cartoon facilities for paddling pool :

·Apple house, Colorful rainbow door, whale slide, fountain bud, fun buckets, raining mushrooms, etc.

Cartoon inflatable castle :

·Seven different types of cartoon inflatable castles: Bee trampoline, Boonie Bears slide, Blue Cat Park, Disney entertainment center, baby dragon slide, Black Cat Sergeant inflatable castle, Mickey Mouse trampoline.

Jurassic Park:

·In the Third Spa House of the spa paradise, there displays a variety of dinosaurs such as triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Omeisaurus, Giganotosaurus and pterosaurs moving or roaring, which vividly and interactively shows the primitive features of the Jurassic period.

Warm Tips: Tropical Rainforest Spa Paradise bathing, bubble ponds, swimming pool water was derived from the ancient underground 3, 337 meters deep spring water before 735 million years . Chengyuan hot spring water temperature is 52 ℃, water yield is 1600 tons/day. According to Liaoning province territorial resources environmental protection agency statistics, Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa is the first enterprise engaged in hot spring industry that obtained hot spring water mining permit in four districts of Dalian.