Chengyuan Hot Spring Spa Paradise

The Spa Paradise is a unique tropical rainforest hot spring spa center containing highly afforested architectural design, adopting the style of south China, and valuing combination of tropical plants with human landscape. It is the domestic first spa paradise integrating catering, accommodation, hot spring health preservation, dabbling entertainment, etc. It has succeeded in declaring 9 world records, including the indoor hot spring spa paradise of the biggest area in the world, the indoor venue with the most tropical plants in the world and with the oldest indoor venue trees in the world, the indoor venue with the most hot spring pools, etc.

Presently, the First House, the Second House and the Third House of the Water Paradise have been completed. The First House is connected with the Second House, and the Second House is linked with the Third House, so the three houses are connected for guests.

Landscape of the First House is focused to style of regions south of the Yangtze River, which has pavilions and trees reflected in water, at where aesthetic flowers, grasses, mountains and stones appear at corners, and at where the swimming pools beside grasses and trees and the pavilions in green waves embody the grace and elegance of the south China. The landscape of the Second House is focused to broad-minded and magnificent tropical style. It is covered by coconut and fruit woods, green banana leaves, and flowers. The attractive karst cave hot spring, the special bath types and the mist makes you feeling an enthusiastic and unrestrained rainforest. Landscape of the Third House is focused to the happy and rampant ocean atmosphere. The colorful and charming marine organisms and all dabbling facilities and dozens of various dinosaurs wagging tails or playing fighting, showing vividly the primitive features of Jurassic Period bring endless joyfulness for your whole family. Carefree atmosphere of comfort exists everywhere.

Coming to the Spa Paradise, you will feel a fascinating green among mountains and waters, smell the fragrance among the rising and spreading grace of hot springs, and experience pleasure among the seascapes and trees. At the Spa Paradise, You can feel the happiness of nourishing of life from types of bath and oxygen inhalation, you can experience the leisureliness in listening the sound of water, and you can taste the hearty reuniting and interacting with relatives and friends. When you come to the Spa Paradise, you will be moved by peaceful green full of your eyes, special faint scent of grass and trees and bright laughter of children. The tropical plants layer upon layer will calm down your restless mind. And bright laughter of children will refresh your effete heart. Children know the way to happiness, or it may be that children know that to live is to enjoy happiness, while busy adults have forgotten the way to happiness, or it may be that they have forgotten the busy days were aimed for enjoying happiness. Demands of heart are same. To experience true happiness is the basic thing in touching your heart. When body and heart are in harmony, life will develop towards health and beautiful future, or everything is to milk the ram.

Let's get around to experiencing the simple pleasure of returning to our original nature with our friends and families.

Happiness exists everywhere so long as there is someone you want to share with.