Outdoor hot spring

Outdoor hot spring for people are always looking forward to returning to the nature, only steeping hot spring in the outdoor, the whole body perspires, to be completed change from the inside to outside. Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa tropical rainforest Spa Paradise Second House outside hot spring is around mountain and river, along the topography fluctuation, pavilions move towards, dynamic composition, great originality, thus breaking the general hot spring commonplace. The hidden beauty, hot water bathing pool, concealing art, charming but not coquettish, those give better interpretation of Chinese landscape gardening culture essence, trees set off pavilion, pavilion shines upon the water, water reflects holes, holes of waterfall, you have me, I have you, the exquisite pleasant scenery, each scene attracts you. Although the scenery is manmade, it seems like naturally occurring.

Second House outdoor hot spring are mined from the ancient underground 3, 337 meters deep spring water before 735 million years, the time error is less than 500, 000 years. Hot spring water temperature is 52 ℃, water yield is 1600 tons/day. Through determination of the professional, the hot spring water rich a variety of trace elements and minerals for human body, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, strontium, zinc, selenium, metasilicate, long-term adherence to bath can be good physical therapy effect for human body.

Second House outdoor hot spring has a total of eleven different sizes, different temperature outdoor hot spring bubble ponds. Hot spring bubble pond mainly through hydrothermal function, electrostatic interaction, buoyancy function and mineral chemistry function for human body hot spring hydrotherapeutics, so as to relieve fatigue, physical fitness function, etc. Because the outdoor hot spring is located in outdoor landscape, air circulation, let you feel fully comfortable. The bubble pond, trees shadow sets off waterfall, fish under the water, all create far from the madding crowd, back to nature peace.

Birds may know the joy of mountain forests, and many busy modern people do not know the joy of nature, the harmony of man and nature. If you are an open-minded person of regimen, or hot spring tourism hobbyists. Don't forget to let your mind relax and have a rest for the tired body. Welcome to phase II pavilion outdoor hot spring to rest, let the life revitalizes the beauty of youth again.

Warm Tips: From inside to Second House outdoor hot springbubble pond is just a few steps, even the cold winter, steeping hot springs inthe outdoor, after the whole body perspires, you can easily return to warmhouse.The Second House and the First House in the Spa Paradise are connected,while the Second House and the Third House are connected, where the guests canenjoy the barrier-free swimming and leisure in the three connected spa houses.