Featured Wedding in Chengyuan

"Hold your hand, and grow old."

Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa offers a variety of wedding banquets and wedding services to the happy couples, where the newly weds will have the starting point for a brand new life in the picturesque scenery, ushering in the happy life.

Unique wedding is certainly favored by the unique modern youth that can choose from the three featured wedding options available at Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa:

1.Featured water wedding

2.Featured outdoor wedding

3.Jade Buddha Temple wedding blessing

In the Jade Buddha Temple main hall is enshrined the largest Hemo Jade Buddha in the world.

Chengyuan Jade Buddha Temple has been constructed in strict accordance to ancient architecture, with the overall timber structure of the finest Korean pine, without any nails for the mortise and tenon. The gold leaf is used for the colored gilded part of the carved beams and painted rafters of the Jade Buddha Temple.

At the consecration ceremony of Jade Buddha Temple, all the faithful believers present can catch sight of the clear image of Buddha sitting on a lotus from the handheld mineral water bottle, such a propitious omen is rarely seen throughout the world, which can be said to be the honor of Chengyuan Jade Buddha Temple. Taiwan Dharma Fazang Master, Haitao Master, Miaoxiang Master from the Temple of Great Mercy, and other eminent monks attended the consecration ceremony of the Jade Buddha Temple.

No fee is charged for the wedding blessing ceremony at the Jade Buddha Temple in Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa, the newly weds can rejoice in virtue on a voluntary basis.

I.Wedding Venue

Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa provides six places that can accommodate more than 200 people as wedding venues, namely the international conference room, function room, Chengyuan Hall, banquet hall, the second spa house in the rainforest spa paradise (featured water wedding), and outdoor Garden Square (featured outdoor wedding)

II.Wedding services

1.Lighting and sound services

2.Pick-up service for relatives

3.Jade Buddha Temple wedding blessing service provided

4.Featured water wedding service

5.Featured outdoor wedding service

6.Champagne tower as a gift

7.Marriage room for one night

8.Three-tier wedding cake presented as a gift for weddings with more than 15 tables

9.Free BYO

10.Free of energy cost and service charges

11.Free registration desk and guest guide card

12.Free dressing room, stage and backdrop

13.Free large parking space

14.Free wedding photography at the scenery spots in the Villa (including the Spa Paradise and outdoor hot spring, advance reservation required)

15.On thedate of marriage registration, the newly weds can enjoy free swimming in the Spa Paradise

16.Wedding fireworks are allowed at the designated area in Chengyuan Villa (to be instructedby the security dept.)

III.The wedding reception specifications

Happy Reunion Banquet  RMB 1388

Eternal Love Forever Banquet  RMB 1588

Perfect Conjugal Bliss Banquet  RMB 1888

Tie the knot Banquet  RMB 2588

Love forever and ever Banquet  RMB 2888

Warm Tips:Wedding standards and additional services may be adjusted based on market prices and quotes, please make a call for more details.