·Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa regional distribution of catering, as following:

·Complex Building: Cuisine is mainly based on swallow nest、abalone、shark fins and high-grade venison.

First floor is the large banquet hall, it can provide 20 desk banquets;

Second floor is equipped with 4 RTV dining rooms, all rooms are equipped with karaoke.

·Hot Spring Spa Paradise:

First House second floor is equipped with catering region, it accommodates 400 people. Dishes are mainly based on southern feature snacks and set meal;

First House third floor is equipped with 11 luxury RTV dining rooms, dishes are mainly based on southern feature snacks and Dalian seafood, all rooms are equipped with karaoke;

Second House first floor and second floor are equipped with fast food service area, to provide you convenient food service; Second House second floor and third house underground F2 are equipped with home brew beer bar, to provide you with authentic Australian hand brewing beer.

The outdoor barbeque will be launched in the open-air hot spring area of the Second House, and the guests can enjoy tasting the delicious food while indulging in the picturesque scenery.

The western dining room and Japanese restaurant are provided on the underground F2 of the Third House, and the fast food and snacks are available on the underground F3 for guests to select from.

·Hot Spring Hotel: Special cuisine is farm village cuisines, all lamb series, etc.

The first floor multi-function hall can accommodate 400 people dining;

The second floor Chenyuan hall can accommodate320 people banquet;

The third floor is equipped with 17 dining rooms, all rooms can provide the mahjong table, including the Beijing hall, Tianjin hall, Shanghai hall, Chongqing hall, Guangzhou hall, Haikou hall are equipped with karaoke.

Chenyuan green cate recommendation:

· Delicacy——Villa forest has natural growth of fungi, potherbs.

Spicy poplar leaves, BoLuo leaf pancake, dandelion pancake, steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, shepherd's purse dumpling, scrambled eggs with cedrela sinensis, scrambled bracken with beef fillet, scrambled potato chip with yellow mushroom, seepweed cook in soy, sauce potherb(sow thistle、wild garlic、yamazeri) etc.

·Vegetables —In the gardens of greenhouse and the villa grow pure green vegetables:

Vegetable kinds of Greenhouse and garden: Celery, lettuce, coriander, spinach, leek, sow thistle, frizze, kidney beans, french beans, cowpea, soybean, eggplant, green pepper, die peperoli, cucumber, spring onions, radish, summer radish, tomato, celery cabbage, pakchoi, squash, pumpkin, zucchini, towel gourd, bitter gourd, corn etc,.

Vegetables eat way: plain-frying, spicy frying, steamed, garlic, cook in soy, raw eating.

· Fruit——There are natural mature northern fruits in villa, natural mature southern fruits in Spa Paradise and greenhouse:

·Cherry, mulberry, apricots, peaches, plums, jujube, hawthorn, pear, ginkgo seed, walnut, chestnut, persimmon, jujube and other fruits distribution in villa road side, mountain foot, green land and orchards, adequate production, providing tourists pick up and taste fruits; Spa Paradise grows wax apple, orange, banana, ginseng fruit, etc. tropical fruits in ripe season after staffs unify picking for visitors to free taste; Mango, banana, litchi, longan, carambola, bayberry, wang pi, lemon, pitaya, pineapple, kiwi, grapes and other tropical fruits distribution in Spa Paradise and greenhouse, because output does not meet the tourists picking demand, therefore you only watch.

·For picking the fruits for tourists to free taste, don't take away them.

Chenyuan four seasons cate recommendation:

·Spring season: It based on scrambled dishes. Representative dishes: Scrambled sliced whelk with summer radish and pork intestines、scrambled sea worm with yamazeri.

·Summer season: It based on seasonal green dishes. Representative dishes: Yamazeri cook in soy、emerald green mushroom.

· Autumn season: It based on seafood. Representative dishes: Yellow croaker instant-boiled sea cucumber、diced meat and edible seaweed stuffed bun.

·Winter season: It based on nourishing stew. Representative dishes: Northeast ginseng boiled venison、traditional northeast dish pig.