Admission Ticket for Tropical Rainforest Hot Spring Spa Paradise

The Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa is a national AAAA scenic spot. It has won 11 records for top of the world. Therein, the Spa Paradise has obtained 9.

The Third House of  Spa Paradise has been ready for open time, the joyful water world and Jurassic Park are just beside you. One all-inclusive ticket ensures the free entry through the three houses with ongoing joy for 24-hour business time.

Admission Ticket Contains>>

Listed Price for Admission Ticket of Spa Paradise is 299 Yuan/Person/24 Hours
(We presently implement  Stage1 preferential  measures for opening of the Third  House, which is experience preferential prices)

Mon. – Fri.
(Excluding Festivals and Holidays)
Sat., Sun. and Festivals and Holidays
(Excluding  Spring Festival)
Spring Festival
Experience Price150  Yuan/Person169  Yuan/Person268Yuan/Person
Children below 1.5 Meters 75  Yuan/Person85Yuan/Person135Yuan/Person
Value Card209  Yuan/Person229  Yuan/Person299  Yuan/Person

Listed Price for Admission Ticket of Spa Paradise is 299 Yuan/Person/24 Hours
(You can enjoy special offer during evening  shows, which is 40% discount. Evening show begins at 17:00 and ends at 09:00 of  the next day. This policy is valid from Jul. 10, 2012)

Mon.  – Thurs. (Excluding Festivals and Holidays)Friday,  Sat., and Festivals and Holidays (Excluding Christmas Day and Spring Festival)
Special Price for Evening Show99 Yuan/Person109 Yuan/Person
Special Price for Evening Show for Children below 1.5 Meters50 Yuan/Person55 Yuan/Person
Special Price When Using Value Card159 Yuan/Person199 Yuan/Person

Time and Prices for Night Snack
ItemTimePrice (for Adult)Price (for Children below 1.5 Meters)
Night Snack 23:00 – 24:0020 Yuan /Person10 Yuan /Person

    Warm Tips:

  • Usage of equivalent ticket: consumption amount on spot for guests using equivalent ticket (excluding amount of admission ticket) shall arrive at amount for admission ticket of Spa Paradise on the same day, then the admission ticket for the Spa Paradise will be free. Guests can arrange consumption content for themselves(one bath massage service is a must). Equivalent ticket cannot be used during festivals and holidays, cannot be used on the obtaining day, and cannot be used with other preferential policies.

  • Guests in hotel enjoy free items in Spa Paradise (no limit of number of time). Number of guests enjoying privilege subjects to capacity of guest room. Guests who have already checked out won’t enjoy this privilege. Guests need to bring with towels provided in the guest room. 5 Yuan will be charged for each additional towel.

  • The admission ticket for the water paradise takes 24 hours as a calculation unit. If you plan to leave, please take conditions of possible settlement peak into consideration. Time of leave subjects to time of settlement. Admission ticket for 1 day will be charged for every 24-hour extra part.

  • No food and drink outside the paradise is allowed in the paradise.

  • Abatement or exemption of admission ticket for the Spa Paradise only accepts three settlement methods, including cash, bank card and cheque.

  • Only one privilege is allowed during consumption at one time.

  • Above content will be adjusted without notice. Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this. Enjoying above privileges will be deemed as accepting them. The Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa reserves the right of final explanation and the termination right for above content.